Cardiavent Inc.
3991 Ramsgate Ct.
Ann Arbor, MI 48013


Researchers at Cardiavent Inc. were the first to elucidate novel actions of vitamin D receptor in the regulation of renal and cardiovascular function and health.  These reports demonstrated the importance of Vitamin D for human renal and cardiovascular health. Cardiavent Inc. is now focused on the development of a selective vitamin D receptor agonist/analog [SVDRA] CARD-024 for treatment of renal and cardiovascular diseases including secondary hyperparathyroidism, cardiac fibrosis, hypertrophy and hypertension. 

Dr. Robert Simpson, President

Board Members / Management Team / Advisors:

Robert U. Simpson, President, CEO, Chairman of the Board (PhD Pharmacology, Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Michigan)
Robert M. Moriarty, Board Member (PhD Chemistry, inventor of CARD-024)
Richard Reb, Vice President, Business Development (Inventiv Health Services, Novartis)
Peter O. Johnson, Shareholder, Business Development  (Kegonsa Seed Fund, Tetrionics)
Rajendra Mehta, Shareholder, Senior Scientist (PhD Biochemistry, IITRI

•Herbert Paaren, Shareholder,  (PhD Chemistry, U Illinois, Chicago)
William Brinkerhoff, Mentor In Residence, University of Michigan (AlphaCore, Cerenis, Esperion, Sankyo)

Key Opinion Leader Support:

Dr. Benedict Lucchesi, MD, PhD.  Professor of Pharmacology and Cardiovascular Center,  University of Michigan Medical School.
Dr. Harvey Kaplan, PhD. Director Emeritus Cardiovascular Pharmacology,  Warner/Lambert, Ann Arbor, MI.
Dr. Bertram Pitt, MD. Professor Emeritus of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School.


Relevant Publications:

Characterization of vitamin D receptor (VDR) in lung adenocarcinoma. Kim SH, Chen G, King AN, Jeon CK, Christensen PJ, Zhao L, Simpson RU, Thomas DG, Giordano TJ, Brenner DE, Hollis B, Beer DG, Ramnath N. 

CARD-024, a vitamin D analog, attenuates the pro-fibrotic response to substrate stiffness in colonic myofibroblasts.Johnson LA, Sauder KL, Rodansky ES, Simpson RU, Higgins PD.  PMID: 22542712 

Selective knockout of the vitamin D receptor in the heart results in cardiac hypertrophy: is the heart a drugable target for vitamin D receptor agonists? Simpson RUPMID: 22025636


The vitamin D/CYP24A1 story in cancer.  

King AN, Beer DG, Christensen PJ, Simpson RU, Ramnath N. 

PMID: 20184548

Relation of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D to heart rate and cardiac work (from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys). Scragg RK, Camargo CA Jr, Simpson RU. PMID: 20102903 

Genetic variation in CYP27B1 is associated with congestive heart failure in patients with hypertension. Wilke RA, Simpson RU, Mukesh BN, Bhupathi SV, Dart RA, Ghebranious NR, McCarty CAPMID: 19891555  


Vitamin D and cardiovascular disease. Nemerovski CW, Dorsch MP, Simpson RU, Bone HG, Aaronson KD, Bleske BE. PMID: 19476421

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